Portraits of the Wild

My latest adventure into the great outdoors took me to the wild world of the San Francisco Zoo. The zoo gives visitors a closer than normal experience, though I wanted to take a "safe" step even closer to further appreciate each animals unique features, colors, texture and majesty. I used my trusty Fuji X-Pro2 and the 100-400mm telephoto lens as I knew this would give me the reach and flexibility I wanted. Photography at the zoo has it's own challenges. To my surprise I came back with better results than expected shooting through glass and fences. It's tricky task to remove the zoo from your frame. 

It had been a long time since I was last at the zoo. My family and I now have a membership. I look forward to going for myself and to introduce all these wondrous creatures to my young daughter.  To learn at such a young age about each animal and country they come from is an exciting gift to give. Education through experience is a great way to learn.  I've been coming to this zoo since I was very little and now I get to share that with my daughter.  Although only 11 months old as I write this, you can never start too young.  She's obsessed with our dog Sydney so I'd say she's an animal lover already!

Photo. Video. Adventure. Let's go outside.