The Lost Photo Collection

These first set of photos are from a set of Dry Plate glass I recently stumbled into. I've found them to be from Sioux City Iowa somewhere around the early 1900's. The Slikkerveer family, originally from the Netherlands, who had settled into the Sioux City area in 1871. The lead man of the house at this time was mayor of Orange City, Iowa.

After my first scan I was excited at the quality of these glass negatives. Who would have thought these would be so well preserved on glass for all these years? These portraits are priceless.

This is about all the information I could pull together from some new paper clippings and Google searches. I found a small sticker on a news paper in between one of the plates that had a misspelling of the family name as H. Skykeveer, but I later found it to be Silkkerveer. That same name is also a small Dutch village, which seems to match my findings. It's all truly fascinating.

If anyone has and additional information, please share, it would be much appreciated. The more I can pull the pieces together the better. Hope this was an enjoyable walk through the past!

- The Lost Photo Collection -

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